Meet Minerva

We partnered with Minerva Bunkering to transform their business, so they could transform their ecosystem and redefine the global bunkering market. 

Bunkering transformed

"Minerva partnered with Rise-X to completely transform our business. ADP Clear is a new bunkering business that we built with Rise-X from the ground up, introducing end-to-end transparency across the bunker fuel supply chain. Connecting the entire fuelling process from procurement through post delivery, ADP Clear saves time and money by avoiding delays, quality issues, quantity disputes and shortages in bunkering operations."

Tyler Baron


Minerva Bunkering

Why we chose Rise-X

An end-to-end digital bunkering platform

Smart contracts remove human error

Improved transparency and visibility

How they're changing the game

ADP Clear uses the Rise-X IoT integration to send and access data in real time, which then populates a complete suite of digital documentation aligned with industry standards - virtually eliminating manual entry. 

Exploring the future

ADP Clear is extending the capabilities of bunkering operations. Driving end-to-end digitalisation, delivering ultimate transparency for trustworthy outcomes, and improving the efficiency of bunkering operations from enquiry to settlement, and beyond. 

Automated workflows
Real-time collaboration
Smart contracts
End to end transparency

Redefining bunkering, one workflow at a time

By partnering with Rise-X, Minerva significantly boosted the capabilities of ADP Clear. This intelligent, easy-to-use platform drives industry digitalisation, with the resulting visibility and cost savings reaching all the way from the frontline to the back office. Starting from a clean sheet allowed Minerva to reimagine their workflows and rebuild them digitally from the ground up. 

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