Meet Franmarine

Franmarine Underwater Services had the courage to be bold, exploring new opportunities with Rise-X to transform their operations and their business model.

Marine and underwater services

"Franmarine looks after your assets underwater. Working in one of the harshest environments on the planet we rely on systems, process and each other to keep your assets and our people safe. Dealing with redundant tasks, multiple information systems, manual process and in correct data and information creates fatigue, wastes time, adds costs and puts our people and your assets at risk."

Adam Falconer-West



What Franmarine achieved

Operating costs cut by 45%

Improve safety with fewer people on site

Rapid growth at a global scale

How they're changing the game

Franmarine worked with Rise-X to develop MarineStream, industry-leading software that improves transparency and traceability across their entire operations. Underwater cleaning, inspection, and maintenance has never been easier. 

Exploring the future

Using MarineStream, users can build transparent, traceable workflows to create a common source of truth, while collaborating in real time on multiparty workflows. It reduces costs, saves time, and keeps their people safer underwater. They’re able to provide an unbeatable customer experience and keep their clients’ assets in the water longer.

Automated workflows
Real-time collaboration
Smart contracts
End to end transparency

Redefining integrated underwater services, one workflow at a time

Rise-X supported Franmarine to build a platform with global remote operations capability, available on any device from anywhere on the planet. They moved their headquarters to the cloud, transforming how they operate and expanding the capacity and capability to reach every corner of the globe. Partnering with Rise-X, Franmarine created a solution that changed the way they do business. 

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