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Perth, Australia: Rise-X has been named in the Top 10 Blockchain Companies to Watch of 2020 by Industry Wired. Rise-X has been recognized for their ability to leverage blockchain technology to transform enterprise automation.

Brian Purio
December 2, 2020

New and emerging technology can be difficult, companies do not have an easy solution for integrating these technologies into their business. This gap is being filled by the Rise-X Ecosystem Orchestration platform. The platform wraps blockchain, AI and IoT into a simple user interface where companies can quickly design and deploy multi-party workflows that execute in the cloud. Any person in any business now has the tools they need to create, digitalize, and automate business processes with little to no code.

“We give companies the ability to leverage new technology incredibly easily. Our platform enables companies to deliver superior customer experiences, faster growth, and better operating margins by eliminating friction costs, removing redundancy, and improving transparency between companies” says Rowan Fenn, CEO of Rise-X

Rise-X has proven they can build leading-edge technology with applications ranging across any industry and any jurisdiction. Each of their 3 products built on the Ecosystem Orchestration platform, QuayChain, BioPass and SysteMedic, are gaining significant global traction with each to be commercially available early 2021.

“Our focus has always been on building quality technology with meaningful application, we have created intelligent solutions that answer real problems from COVID-19 to biosecurity. Now we want to make this technology available to as many people and as many businesses as possible so everyone can create meaningful solutions.” says Rowan Fenn, CEO of Rise-X

About Rise-X

Rise-X is a technology company that builds ecosystem solutions to support value chain and supply chain automation. Their innovative digital solutions are built to enable autonomous commerce that supports machine to machine commercial opportunities to unlock new frontiers of productivity and increase the carrying capacity of the planet. Rise-X has a corporate presence in the Asia Pacific Region and Europe through their offices in Perth, Singapore and Spain and were recently named in the Top 10 Enterprise Startups of 2019.

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