CIO Outlook Recognizes Rise-X as a Top Enterprise Startup

Rise-X has been named by CIO Outlook as a Top 10 Enterprise Startup for 2019.

Brian Purio
May 27, 2020

Perth, Australia: Rise-X has been named by CIO Outlook as a Top 10 Enterprise Startup for 2019. The annual initiative recognizes startups at the forefront of providing technology solutions to global enterprise, and that “are distinguished by their robust founding team, well-balanced risk-reward profiles, and scalable business models”.

The award is the result of Rise-X launching two ecosystem platforms in the past year which are focused on delivering efficiency and transparency to the shipping industry.  

Their fuel management platform – QuayChain – brings end-to-end traceability and transparency to the bunkering supply chain from sourcing through to settlement using blockchain technology to record all transactional information. The QuayChain team completed the world’s first LNG bunker transaction recorded on a blockchain and are now applying their technology into other transport fuel supply chains.

BioPass their hull performance and biosecurity management system collects data and information on hull integrity, vessel movements and vessel cleaning interventions. The solution aims to provide holistic assessment of biosecurity risk and leverages blockchain to securely share information between transcontinental vessels and port authorities to help management biofouling and biosecurity risk.

“Our solutions enable companies to do exponentially more using exponentially less. We are committed to increasing the carrying capacity of the planet and want to provide forward thinking companies with a competitive advantage at the click of a button and at a fraction of the cost,” said Rowan Fenn, CEO at Rise-X.

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In their editorial piece CIO Outlook states, “In its 2nd year of operation, the team has been able to demonstrate its capability and capacity to engage industry at the highest level. The future is bright for Rise-X and we are expecting them to grow and continue to mature their management software.”

”The outlook for 2020 is extremely promising and we look forward to continue bringing simple solutions to complex global supply chain problems” said Fenn.

About Rise-X

Rise-X is a technology company that builds enterprise solutions to support value chain and supply chain automation. Their innovative digital solutions are built to enable autonomous commerce to support machine to machine commercial opportunities to unlock new frontiers of productivity and increase the carrying capacity of the planet. Rise-X has a corporate presence in the Asia Pacific Region and Europe through their offices in Perth, Singapore and Spain. Recently, the company was named in the Top 10 Enterprise Startups of 2019.

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