We're Rise-X

We’re a team of scientists, engineers, and optimists. Our collective purpose is to improve how humans use the planet. We’ve developed the world’s most innovative Ecosystem Orchestration Platform, enabling companies to build and orchestrate business ecosystems.


We make it easy for people to build highly inter-connected business ecosystems that change the way the world works.


To connect, simplify, optimise, and automate every workflow on the planet.


To enable flexible, efficient, and harmonious decentralised ways of working, freeing people up to think, create and explore a future untethered from the limitations of traditional business.

We are at a point of change

Over the next two decades there will be more than US$100 trillion invested in new infrastructure required to provide energy, transport, water, food, communications, and basic healthcare to people on our planet. Industry must meet this demand in new and wonderful ways to ensure we provide equal opportunities, produce less pollution, fewer emissions, and avoid irreparable damage to the planet we all share and depend on.

Good sense for business

Business ecosystems will be the defining business model of the 4th industrial revolution. By 2030 they’ll account for 25% of the total economy, with global revenues of $70 trillion. Individual companies participate in multiple ecosystems, whether as a supplier, customer, or an ecosystem orchestrator - but it’s the orchestrators that stand to gain the most out of the ecosystem economy.

But here’s the problem. Building business ecosystems is a complex challenge and requires a deliberate, pragmatic, and flexible approach.
That’s where we come in.

Good sense for the planet

The earth’s population currently consumes around 90 billion tonnes of resources per annum. By 2040 we’ll be consuming >350 billion tonnes of resources per annum - four times the amount we consume today. To avoid the catastrophic collapse of the planet, industry must meet this demand head on: to explore new ways of working, evolve outdated work practises, and transform business operations to ensure we reduce the strain on our planet.

At Rise-X, we’re providing a solution that fundamentally changes the way the world works, while improving the long-term health and wellbeing of our population and our planet.

Our Leadership

Rowan Fenn

Co-Founder & CEO

David Barker

Co-Founder & CTO

Alan Samuel


Victoria Attwood Scott

Non-Executive Director

Alistair Cross